($19.99) BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1: Problem Solving



Select a company making headlines this week. Assume the role of CEO, and briefly describe a key opportunity or threat facing the company and outline a solution based on your understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Critically evaluate the solutions proposed by your classmates.


What does Dess say about the role of leadership in an organization?


How will your chosen company seize its opportunity or face the threat?


What is the purpose of analyzing a company's strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses?


Where can a company find information about the competition?


What is the value of the case study method, competitive intelligence reports, Hoover's, etc. as sources of information?


I've heard that Barnes will no longer be selling the Nook. I just got used to downloading my books here. It is so fast and convenient. Will the Nook be discontinued, in your opinion?


What should Walmsrt pay as a minimum wage, in you opinion?


What is the competitive advantage of your chosen companies?


What about US Cellular selling out to Sprint? I was shocked as we had USCellular for years and were very happy with the professionalism in this company. Sprint doesn't seem to have the expertise that was evident with US Cellular. I also wonder what the level of service will be.
Your thoughts?


Dess states that the criteria for creating and sustaining a competitive advantage are as follows: The product or service must be rare, valuable, not able to be imitated, and no reasonable substitutes are available. Diamonds meet these four criteria. Thus, DeBeers of South Africa has sustained a competitive advanatage in the diamond industry for many years.
Can you think of other products or services which meet these four criteria? Describe what may happen when one of these criteria ceases to exist?

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($19.99) BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1: Problem Solving
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